You Can Do With Me Whatever You Want |

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  • if you find me attractive, how old are you?
  • One look at me, and what’s the first naughty thing that pops into your head?
  • Do you find me attractive?
  • Really wanted to show off to you this morning…
  • a cat woman from an alternate universe
  • this morning you wake up and see me like this over your face, what’s the first thing you’ll do?
  • Small, traditional and cute
  • I already lowered my bra. You do the rest ;)
  • If you walked into the kitchen and see my tiny 5′ 1″ and 116 lbs body, what’s the first thing you’d say
  • Would you dance if I ask you to dance?
  • do you want to ride me in this position?
  • Hope older men hit this?